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About Us

Our Country has no dearth of people who have resources and are willing to help the others and look forward to see our country where there is nobody who is killed by hunger or malnutrition, all are fairly educated, there is no discrimination over cast, religion or wealth etc. But still more 5% of Indian Population or 65 Million people live below extreme poverty in India and there is huge difference in the living standards of rich and urban poor, kids of labours do not get proper education, nutritious food and equality in society. Therefore there is lots of work to be done to achieve the desired goal.

A person cannot do this alone but even very small efforts of a huge number of people are collected together can make a change. Based on this idea “Drop by Drop Foundation” was formed by Mrs. Shweta Aggarwal in 2018. Mrs. Shweta Aggarwal has been associated with a number of NGOs and is working for the betterment of the society since last more than 15 years.

Through persistence and application even petty operations if continued incessantly, major and great accomplishments finally result. A quarry becomes a pyramid, mountains are levelled and oceans are formed “Drop by Drop

Vision – A Healthy Nation with no discrimination over cast, religion, gender or wealth

Objective – Collecting drops of efforts for bringing up the unprivileged in to main stream.

Meet the Team

Shweta Aggarwal

Shweta Aggarwal has masters in commerce and a diploma from VLCC, Lajpat Nagar as a dietitian. She has been organising many yoga and meditation programs all over Greater Noida. Interacting with many activists and their NGO's- working for and learning about the hardships of urban life through the eyes of the less fortunate , through DropbyDrop foundation, she has been dedicating her time and efforts for their upliftment along with other social causes. Working in this area for more than 15 years, Shweta has been associated with multiple organizations like the Robbin hood Army, Goonj Foundation, Mahila Shakti udhan, S. L charitable Trust, Aggarwal Vikas Manch.


Dikshita Bansal

Dikshita Bansal is a textile design researcher currently based in London. She is perusing her MA from Royal College of Arts, London. She is actively working with NGO’s , and finding out how an environment and safe spaces play a role in well being of Autistic children. She runs a mental health awareness blog and actively participates in spreading awareness by collaborating with therapists and psychologists.


Parth is an advocate practicing at courts across Delhi NCR. He obtained his Masters in Law (LLM) in International Tax Law from Vienna. He is Standing Counsel for the Income Tax Dept at the High Court of Delhi. He is associated with NGOs like People For Animals and takes keen interest in matters involving animal rights and environmental law issues.

Sudhir Singh

Sudhir Singh is a Cyber Security and Cyber Law professional based out of Norway helping people to raise their awareness about the latest technology and its impact on individual’s privacy. Sudhir has worked with United Nations mission’s and played critical role to settle down the country’s issues. Sudhir’s role in drop by drop foundation is to advice on direction/ strategy of the organisation’s future and should make sure that there are mechanisms of implementing the strategy and monitoring, controlling and ensuring that everything in the organization -from processes to people- are aligned towards its strategic goals.

Sucheta Gupta

Sucheta Gupta is an IT professional working for a Healthcare Company in Los Angeles, USA. She has been helping families with low income to get quality health services through government sponsored programs. She is an active social worker and a part of the Helping Hands volunteers program; to support and provide resources to the less fortunate families in the time crisis or emotional distress.