About Us

More 5% of Indian Population or 65 Million people live below extreme poverty in India and there is huge difference in the living standards of rich and urban poor, kids of labours do not get proper education, nutritious food and equality in society.

“Drop by Drop Foundation” was formed by Mrs. Shweta Aggarwal in 2018. She has been associated with a number of NGOs and is working for the betterment of the society since last more than 15 years.

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Our Causes


Education is the most important tool to achieve our desired goals, therefore we have put our maximum thrust on this cause. Rich and medium class in our society can afford education in either private or government schools but due to high fee of private schools people below medium class has the only choice left with them i.e. to go for government funded schools but there are areas where either the government school is very far or the capacity is lower than requirement. Thanks to our government which have made it mandatory that private schools would have to take at least 25% of students of EWS.

We at drop by drop help people to educate about this, fill their forms and approach government bodies for their admission. Or get the admission done in the schools run by other NGOs

Environment Protection

More and more our generation is getting developed more the waste we are generating. If we have to save the life on this planet either we would have stop creating byproducts as waste or we would have to reuse the waste created by us, it is very hard and almost impossible to stop creating waste but we can minimize its bad effects by reducing it through modern ways of recycling. Drop by Drop is in continuous efforts for this cause by creating awareness about the minimum use of packaging, segregation of waste, producing manure from biodegradable waste.

Food Management

In India 44% of the children under age of 13 are underweight, 72% infants and 52% married women have anemia means it is very clear that there is scarcity of nutritious food to a large number of people in a certain section of society but Irony is that according to a survey over 30% of cooked food is thrown into the drains. To stop this wastage of cooked food certain NGOs like ROBINHOOD are working extremely good and the members of drop by drop are associated with these people in certain areas for collection of extra food from Banquet halls, Hotels, restaurants or from wherever we can get extra cooked food which otherwise would have gone waste and distribute it to the people who need it almost immediately.


We at drop by drop make our every effort in providing employment to the weaker section of the society through a number of ways including distributing swing machines to the needy women and providing them waste cloths collected from upper section of society and help them in selling of the products made from these cloths like cloth bags, toys etc. Encourage and help them in producing ecofriendly products and selling them to others like Diyas made of earth at the time of Diwali, natural colors at the time of Holi, candles on Christmas.

Latest Events

Education Drive for Sai temple kids
17th January 2019

We had organized an education drive for the underprivileged kids gathered at Sai Temple in Greater Noida. Classes were taken by a student of Pathways School imparting basic knowledge of the subjects. Along with it, stationary, uniforms and snacks were also distributed to them.

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Clothes Distribution Drive
14th January 2019

On the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, we had organized a clothes distribution drive for construction site workers of Sharda University in NCR region. In this drive, woolen clothes along with blankets were distributed to all the people including the guards, females and kids, working in the area.

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Yoga & Wellness Camp
21st November 2018

Being healthy is not only about physical health but also about mental wellbeing, keeping this in mind, we had organized a yoga and wellness camp. In this camp, people were given sessions and taught the correct techniques to do meditation and yogic exercises.

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